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RS Medical electrical stimulators offer a proven, cost-effective means of treating painful muscle conditions. Here are some reasons why RS Medical products are cost-effective:
  • Treatment in the lowest cost setting. RS Medical stimulators deliver treatments in the least costly setting… at home.

  • More therapy speeds recovery. The convenience of home treatments allows patients to receive more therapy faster, which may speed recovery and reduce the number of physical therapy visits. This allows physical therapists to focus on providing other services unique to their field.

  • Low cost per treatment. The average monthly cost of the RS-4i® [about $300] would cover three in-office electrical stimulation treatments. Because patients use the RS-4i at home and may use it more than once a day, treatment cost is often under $10/day.

  • Lost wages quickly recovered. The RS-4i may help the patient return to work more quickly than alternative therapies. Even when used as an add-on treatment with other forms of therapy, the RS-4i is worth the cost if it helps get the patient back to work quickly, thus removing the cost of replacing lost wages.
  • Conservative, non-invasive treatments. Spine problems are among the most expensive medical conditions patients face. When people don't get relief, their problem often gets worse and the treatment options become more costly, more invasive. The RS-4i is conservative, non-invasive and inexpensive when compared to implanted stimulators and other treatment alternatives.

  • Potentially reduced need for prescription drugs. Patients using the RS-4i may have less need for prescription drugs.

  • Return to normal activities. Patients using drug therapy feel fuzzy-headed and nonfunctional. Without drugs, patients can return to normal function.

  • One unit meets multiple needs. The RS-4i relieves pain and treats muscle conditions. It operates up to eight pads. Swapping it out for multiple units that provide similar treatment capability would cost significantly more and probably wouldn't fulfill what the doctor ordered.

  • Available compliance tracking. Payors want to know if the patient is using the device. The RS-4i's patented Data Card gives them the answer. It accurately tracks patient usage. The Data Card knows when the unit is connected to a patient and delivering therapy. Compliance data is provided to the physician by an RS Medical Account Manager and no patient office visit is required. It's the best tracking system in the industry.

  • Patient Fittings. Personalized patient fittings and instruction are included in the price of the RS-4i. These elements have been shown to improve compliance and treatment effectiveness.

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