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RS-4i Sequential Stimulator

The RS-4i® is the most commonly prescribed electrical stimulator in medicine today.

In a single treatment, its unique multi-stage Sequential Stimulation delivers interferential current to relieve pain and muscle stimulation to restore muscle function. It offers a cost-effective, non-invasive and non-habit-forming modality for treating painful muscle conditions.

The RS-4i can be configured to deliver a variety of treatment cycles, modes and intensities, allowing specific patient conditions to be addressed. The device also incorporates a unique built-in Data Card to record patient usage information. This data is compiled into monthly compliance reports that assist physicians in evaluating patient progress.

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RS Medical's Sequential Stimulation therapy enables patients with painful muscle conditions to benefit from electrical stimulation. Sequential Stimulation first uses interferential current to relieve pain, then applies muscle stimulation to treat underlying muscle conditions. It's a cost-effective, non-invasive and non-habit forming modality for treating painful muscle conditions.
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