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While serving in the United States Marine Corps, Allen took a tumble that led to serious back and knee pain.

“I fell down a hill while fully equipped with infantry equipment.”

His initial treatment was physical therapy at his local VA Medical Center. He eventually returned to duty. However, his knees soon began to swell and the ensuing pain made his life very difficult.

“Imagine [pain like] waking up every morning to find someone hitting your back and knees with a baseball bat.”

A TENS unit is like a Pinto, and this machine is like a Ferrari. It’s like night and day. I love it.
— Allen, age 51

In a follow-up clinic visit, Allen learned he would need knee replacements. Rather than pursuing surgery, he sought pain relief. He was prescribed and used several TENS units with little effect. When his VA therapist prescribed the RS-4i Plus, he noticed a big change.

“The TENS unit is like a Pinto and the RS-4i Plus is like a Ferrari. It provides the deep muscle treatment you can’t get with TENS. It’s the best thing the VA has given me. I can’t compare it to anything else.”

Through regular use of the RS-4i Plus, Allen is finding hope that he can return to the activities he loves like playing sports, boxing and martial arts.

“It’s night and day. I love it.”


James served in the United States Army infantry for two years. Following his service, he was quite active, teaching karate as a black belt at a local dojo.

A herniated disc in his back eventually became painful enough to alter James’s career and daily activity. He traded the dojo for a more traditional classroom, teaching students in a local school. Despite the change, the back problems persisted.

“When my back goes out, I can hardly walk. When it hurts, it really hurts. And it puts serious limits on what I do.”

With pain impacting his life daily, he sought medical care from many sources.

“I had medication, therapy, chiropractic treatments and, finally, an epidural shot.”

However, James’s back kept going out. He found himself back in the clinic seeking relief.

... the RS-4i Plus helped more than anything else.
— James, age 45

“I spent quite a bit of time at the chiropractor and the VA was giving me a lot of pain medication. Eventually they offered me the RS-4i Plus. It worked out well.”

Having the RS-4i Plus at home between clinic visits has had a tremendous impact on James’s quality of life.

“My back hasn’t gone out completely since I started using this machine. It’s helped a lot more than anything else.”

When James feels his back going out or when it starts aching, he takes a treatment with the RS-4i Plus. That usually keeps it from getting worse.

“I actually used it last night because I could feel my back starting to get irritated. I woke up this morning with no problems. I use it anytime my back hurts and it helps shorten the time I am down or hurting.”


Daniel’s motivation is family.

“The biggest thing for me is being able to pick up and hold my grandson.”

However, it became difficult for Daniel to hold his grandson or partake in any of the activities he enjoyed before neck and back pain became unbearable.

“I hurt. I couldn’t get my neck settled down, had trouble holding my head back. My neck was so stiff I couldn’t lean back and put my head on a headrest. I also had pain and weakness in my left arm.”

The RS-4i Plus has four channels and covers a large area.
— Daniel, age 67

Daniel had a cervical spinal laminectomy to address the pain. Following surgery, locations on his back and shoulders became very sore. Needing relief, he endured multiple treatments. He tried pain medication, a TENS unit and an H-Wave® stimulator. Nothing adequately curbed the pain, so he continued to seek treatment options.

Once prescribed the RS-4i Plus, Daniel’s quality of life improved significantly.

“I sleep well and the pain that used to be in my neck and back is pretty much gone. I don’t have the pain or stiffness that I had before. And I have stopped using pain medicine because my pain is controlled.”

Daniel has gained flexibility, mobility and muscle strength. He’s even able to swim again. He no longer needs any other treatment options.

“It was a real plus on several levels. The nice thing about the RS-4i Plus is it has four channels and covers a large area. It feels just like somebody massaging my shoulder and back. I’m seeing progress, which is encouraging.”


Tony’s active lifestyle was immediately stopped by an accident between a log truck and the military vehicle he was in. The accident left him with pain in his left shoulder, making work and daily activity difficult.

“After I hurt my shoulder, pretty much everything went downhill for me. The pain got steadily worse. Nine months later, I had surgery.”

Following surgery, the movement in his left arm became limited and his activities ceased.

“If I tried to reach for something, I might not feel any pain right then, but I knew I would feel it later.”

He was initially prescribed a TENS unit for residual pain, but it didn’t provide lasting relief. He also went to physical and occupational therapy, which began to help. Then his occupational therapist introduced him to the RS-4i Plus, which provided the pain relief he had been seeking.

“I started looking forward to going to therapy just to get the device hooked up.”

It’s just so much better than a TENS.
— Tony, age 35

When it became clear that the device was relieving his pain, Tony’s therapist ordered an RS-4i Plus he could take home and call his own.

“I’m not worried about hurting myself and not being able to move my arm. I know how to make it feel better.”

His job as a truck driver in the National Guard of the United States became easier, and he no longer needs over-the-counter medicine to treat his pain.

“Before I used the RS-4i Plus, I couldn’t raise my arm above my head. Now I can. I’m able to do my actual driving, and do it better. I’m not going to sleep every night in pain. Anyone who tries a TENS unit and then tries this will never go back. It’s just so much better.”

There’s nothing like the great outdoors for William. He enjoys recreational activities, but found it difficult to maintain an outdoor lifestyle due to chronic pain.

“Before the pain, I was probably one of the best soldiers in my unit. I could pretty much do anything I wanted. I had full range of motion with no pain whatsoever.”

He enjoyed mountain climbing and hiking, but a repelling accident changed everything. He slammed into the tower and fell 50 feet. His injuries were serious.

“I got two bulging discs in my neck, tore my rotator cuff, twisted my back every which way but straight, tore the labrum in my hip and messed up my knee a little bit.”

For nine years, he had chronic musculoskeletal pain.

“Physical therapy helped loosen me up. But it would put me in more pain than what I originally had.”

I like the RS-4i Plus more than the TENS unit.
— Marlin, age 56

He was using hot and cold therapies, and added chiropractic treatments. He wasn’t where he wanted to be in his recovery. In August 2015, he was prescribed the RS-4i Plus to add to his therapy routine.

“It’s almost got me back to where I was before. I think it’s a great device. I’m almost back to doing some of the things I was doing. Going hiking, riding the bike again, going camping, fishing and hunting again. It’s had a pretty good impact.”