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After 16 years as a signal specialist in the United States Air Force and United States Army, Kevin found himself forced into early retirement due to severe back pain.

“I was in constant pain all day.”

The pain came as a result of multiple incidents over time. First, while stationed in Afghanistan, he was hit by a mortar. Then, after coming home, he was in a car accident involving an 18-wheeler that lost its rear wheel. The rear axle came through Kevin’s windshield. The final incident involved snow, ice and bad timing in Korea. As his team was driving up the mountain, analyzing the area for a signal, their vehicle slid on black ice and fell 200 feet off a cliff.

Following the third incident, he started treatment right away.

“I used a TENS unit for a year and a half, but it just wasn’t alleviating the pain.”

He then started physical therapy as well. However, that resulted in a torn rotator cuff.

After two surgeries, Kevin began using the RS-4i Plus. He found it made a big difference in his recovery. He returned to some of his favorite activities, like fishing and playing with his kids.

I’m able to run around in the yard with my kids and play a little bit.
— Kevin, age 37

“I’m able to run around in the yard with and play around with them a little bit, bend down and pick up the ball, whereas that was pretty painful before.”

His pain has gone from a six to a three on a 10-point pain scale. He was even able to stop taking some of the medications he was prescribed before.

“This machine is great. It helps alleviate the pain.”


Royce has dealt with chronic pain for more than 10 years.

“I’m 61 and worked hard all my life.”

I know I can get real relief from this machine.
— Royce, age 61

He spent years working in concrete construction, self-employed with a small business. In his spare time, he enjoyed outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, sports and gardening. Years of physical labor and injuries, coupled with degenerative arthritis and muscle spasms, brought that active lifestyle to a halt.

“I had horrible pain across my shoulders, middle back, lower back and hips.”

No longer able to work, Royce sought relief from the pain and wanted to increase his ability to walk. He went to a chiropractor, used heated creams, capsaicin creams and lidocaine. Nothing did the trick.

His physician eventually prescribed an RS-4i Plus. That’s when he noticed marked improvement.

“I know I can get relief from this machine. It knocks down muscle spasms, makes it easier to walk and just really offers great basic relief.”

He’s even been able to go fishing again, one of his favorite activities.


It’s hard to stop doing something you love.

Angie found she had to give up a lot after an injury left her in constant pain. An engineer in the United States Air Force, and later the United States Army, Angie was accustomed to working around heavy machines and equipment. But one day she fell, injuring her back.

“I just had pain constantly. I hurt all the time. My activity level dropped to nothing. I couldn’t pick up my grandson, go running or horseback riding, my favorite activity.”

I use it every single day.
— Angie, age 44

She even had to change jobs. While working as a special needs teacher, she found it difficult to pick up the children due to her injury. That forced her to stop working entirely. She tried different treatments to relieve pain and restore activity, including chiropractors and physical therapy.

After years of treatment, Angie was prescribed the RS-4i Plus for home use. It helps her with the pain. She still takes pain medication and has not yet been able to get back to the physical activities she enjoyed.

“The device has given me hope that I’ll eventually get back to horseback riding and other physical activities. And that I’ll return to my job as a special needs teacher. I’m happy to have the RS-4i Plus. I use it every single day.”


Four major injuries led Matt to develop chronic pain and a need for relief. After serving 23 years in the United States Army as an 11th Bravo Infantry Ranger, Matt was no stranger to physical challenges.

“In 1998 my chute failed to open in a jump from 100 feet up which led to neck and back trauma. I actually came out of that injury stronger and faster. Shortly after that, I ripped both my calf muscles while running.”

The final blow came during his seventh deployment to Afghanistan, where two 365-pound walls fell on top of him.

“One wall twisted me in half and put my left palm underneath my right heel. The second one came straight down on the top of my head.”

I recommend the RS-4i Plus to anyone.
— Matt, age 43

For years, Matt sought a variety of treatments and rehabilitation for his neck and back pain. From back doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and spinal injections to a TENS unit. He was recovering, but required regular clinical therapy visits.

Earlier this year, Matt was prescribed the RS-4i Plus by his physicians at the VA. They wanted to add home therapy treatments between clinic visits. He experienced fast, positive results.

“After about a week or two, I noticed a difference. I’m now able to walk and exercise daily.”

Matt continues to see a chiropractor and does use a service dog. But he credits the RS-4i Plus with helping him a lot.

“I recommend that device to anyone who can get their hands on it. It rocks.”

Time with your little ones is precious. For United States Army Veteran Jonathan, it’s a very important aspect of his everyday life.

“I was the dad on the playground going down slides and everything.”

During his eight years in the military conducting air assaults, pain never bothered him. But all that changed when he began to experience nerve pain in his neck that later radiated down his arms. He was no longer able to play with his son, exercise, lift weights or even sleep well.

“It was pretty unbearable. I couldn’t do much of anything.”

I play with my son again. I’ve been able to do all the dad things.
— Jonathan, age 31

At the insistence of his wife, Jonathan went to see pain management specialists at his local VA Medical Center. After a few diagnostic tests, they discovered he had two bulging intervertebral discs with annular tears. After nerve blocks and physical therapy treatments, he was prescribed the RS-4i Plus. It wasn’t long before he began to feel a significant change.

“I still had a little pain after a month or two. Since then, the pain has been almost nonexistent.”

He now uses the RS-4i Plus to complement physical therapy. He uses the device once a week to once every two weeks. He sleeps better and can manage pain, if it’s there. But the best part is he can play with his kids without pain.

“I can play with my son again. He’s almost 4 now and I have a baby daughter who’s almost four months, I’ve been able to do all the dad things.”


Independence is a valued trait, and also one we take for granted. Kate found out about that when her active lifestyle came to a halt. Constant pain from the middle of her back down her left leg to her toes took a serious toll.

 “I wasn’t able to do my garden work and I had trouble walking. Riding a lawn mower tore me apart. I’d suffer for days. It was hard to get up and cook a meal. I had to cook a little bit and sit down, cook a little bit and sit down. Driving tore me apart, too. I could only drive about 20 miles before I was in pain.”

Upon seeing a doctor, she was diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain. The pain started two years following her back surgery in which two steel rods, two cages, and two new discs were installed.

Now I have a better quality of life.
— Kate, age 58

She was initially prescribed three months of physical therapy and different types of medication. But physical therapy didn’t relieve the pain and the medications made her feel worse. Treatment was also limited as the pain was originating in a joint area that ran a high risk of paralysis, if treated by injection or other invasive procedures.

Kate got her independence back after she added the RS-4i Plus to her treatments. She was even able to go on long trips again.

“l can drive now. I made a trip to Tennessee, which I couldn’t have done before.”

She takes one pill twice daily to help with the pain, in addition to using the RS-4i Plus. She can do many of the other things she couldn’t do before using the device.

“Now I have a better quality of life. I can get out and do more and enjoy it.”