Time with your little ones is precious.

For Veteran Jeffrey it is a very important aspect of his everyday life. “I was the dad that was on the playground with going down slides and everything.” Eight years in the military doing air assault any pain he had never really bothered him. But all that changed when he began to suffer nerve pain in his neck that would later radiate down his arms. He was no longer able to play with his son, exercise, lift weights or even sleep well. “It was pretty unbearable.” At the insistence of his wife, Jeffrey went to the doctor and spoke with the VA. After a few tests it was revealed that he had two bulging intervertebral discs with annular tears.

After using nerve blockers and going to physical therapy he was prescribed the RS-4i Plus. It wasn’t long before he began to notice a change he hadn’t seen in years. “I still had some pain after a month or two but after that the pain has been almost nonexistent.”  He now uses the RS-4i Plus in addition to physical therapy. He uses the device once a week to once every two weeks. He sleeps better and can manage pain if it’s there but the best part is he gets to play with his kids without pain. “I play with my son again. He’s almost four now and I have a baby daughter who’s almost four months, I’ve been able to do all the dad things.”

Jeffrey admits he was stubborn at first to ask for help but once he did he found the relief he was seeking.  The RS-4i Plus gave Jeffrey a chance to get back to the important things in life and he encourages people to try it. “Give this a chance ‘cause it can definitely make a difference.”

- John Sidle, MD, Phoenix, AZ





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