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Gary has suffered from severe back spasms since being hit in the back with a chunk of concrete during a rocket attack in Vietnam. A post-military career as a jet engine mechanic, a courtroom security guard and 30 years as a truck driver all aggravated his injury further.

“I was waking up with severe back spasms. I couldn’t even get out of bed it hurt so bad. It’s like a charley horse in your leg, feels like it’s ripping the muscle apart.”

For years, Gary didn’t have much in the way of relief.

“I went to the VA and they said it’s going to be three or four weeks before we can get you in here. But come in and we’ll see what the nurse can do. That’s when they put the RS-4i Plus on my back and it started relieving the pain.”

After using the device, Gary’s back spasms began to diminish. He had exactly what he needed to rebuild a more active lifestyle. A self-described crafts person, he soon found he could return to some of his hobbies.

The RS-4i Plus makes my spasms go away
— Gary, age 67

“I used to build custom show cars and street rods. I had to give that up because, if I get under a car, I can’t get back up. I’ve given most of that up, but I still try to do a little welding.”

He credits the RS-4i Plus with allowing him to weld small sculptures, turning screwdrivers and wrenches into flowers. He’s also able to do a bit of yard work, something he couldn’t do with his back spasms.

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I got those spasms back. The RS-4i Plus makes them go away and I definitely don’t want them back.”

He is happy to have the RS-4i Plus and thankful to be able to move about.

“All the help I can get is greatly appreciated.”


As a carpenter, Kelly worked hard and it took a toll on her joints and bones. She altered her career to become an audio/visual operator and repair technician in the military. She had typical back and neck aches and pains, including joint pain, which eventually led to arthritis and an end to her time in the military.

“After I transitioned out of the military I was shortly thereafter diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer. The subsequent operation andthe radiation treatment essentially cooked the tissues in and around my upper chest and neck area. So, the tissue is no longer soft and flexible. It’s very hard, almost like plastic.”

She could no longer turn her neck or tilt her head up and would often get a sense of vertigo if she did. She began looking for treatment options. Following physical therapy, she was prescribed the RS-4i Plus. She immediately experienced relief.

There is a lot of hope to be had with this stimulator.
— Kelly, age 48

“It’s over and above any other relief I got. It’s been wonderful. My ability to turn my neck, my ability to release my shoulder…it’s improving dramatically.”

The device has also given her hope.

“I thought the tissues were damaged beyond repair and apparently that’s not so. There’s a lot of hope to be had with this stimulator.”

Thanks to her improvements, Kelly has been able to pursue a degree in yoga training. Most days can be physically demanding and the RS-4i Plus continues to help.

“It’s kind of like getting a massage from inside the muscle outward. It just pushes the tightness and toxicity out, and refreshes and rejuvenates the muscles. I wish I had this years ago. It would’ve saved me a lot of headache, literally.”

I love your product, there’s no doubt.
— Catherine, age 48

As a combat medic in the United States Army, Catherine was involved in a serious accident. She was in a truck, with her platoon, when it rolled. She hit her head on a metal bench and everyone else fell on top of her, injuring her neck.

“My neck kind of curled under. It was kind of like a face plant except my chin pushed towards my chest and everybody just kind of piled on top of me.”

After several years of pain and treatments yielding few results, she began to lose hope of ever getting better.

“It’s so detrimental emotionally, as well as physically.”

Catherine found what she was looking for in the RS-4i Plus. After getting the device, she started feeling better and felt encouraged. The pain and muscle treatment helped with overall aches and pains related to her neck and she reports fewer headaches. Most importantly, the device has given her hope. 

“I love your product, there’s no doubt.”


Pete, a former United States Army Human Resources Specialist, used to live an active lifestyle.

“I was hiking pretty regularly. I was very active. In a nutshell, I didn’t have anything to worry about.”

But his fortunes changed dramatically.

I’m a lot more active than I’ve been in a while.
— Pete, age 33

“I don’t know what started it. I just know I started having severe pain in my knee. I would get flare ups and intense swelling. That caused me to walk differently, which led to lower back problems.”

He sought medical care at his VA clinic. Physicians ordered MRIs, X-rays and CT scans, but his knee joint appeared normal. They prescribed physical therapy for rehabilitation, hoping the pain would subside. After two years of very slow improvement, his physical therapist ordered the RS-4i Plus for pain relief and muscle rehabilitation at home, between clinic visits.

“I used it religiously for several months. Eventually, I started noticing a difference in my ability to get around. The pain in my lower back started to dissipate. I’m using it maybe twice a month now.”

Treatments have had a direct impact on Pete’s activity and mobility.

“I started biking again, so that’s going to help. I’m a lot more active than I’ve been in a while. I haven’t quite got to the hiking status yet, but I’m able to walk further than I used to.”

There’s nothing like the great outdoors for William. He enjoys recreational activities, but found it difficult to maintain an outdoor lifestyle due to chronic pain.

“Before the pain, I was probably one of the best soldiers in my unit. I could pretty much do anything I wanted. I had full range of motion with no pain whatsoever.”

He enjoyed mountain climbing and hiking, but a repelling accident changed everything. He slammed into the tower and fell 50 feet. His injuries were serious.

“I got two bulging discs in my neck, tore my rotator cuff, twisted my back every which way but straight, tore the labrum in my hip and messed up my knee a little bit.”

For nine years, he had chronic musculoskeletal pain.

“Physical therapy helped loosen me up. But it would put me in more pain than what I originally had.”

He was using hot and cold therapies, and added chiropractic treatments. He wasn’t where he wanted to be in his recovery. In August 2015, he was prescribed the RS-4i Plus to add to his therapy routine.

It’s almost gotten me back to where I was before.
— William, age 35

“It’s almost got me back to where I was before. I think it’s a great device. I’m almost back to doing some of the things I was doing. Going hiking, riding the bike again, going camping, fishing and hunting again. It’s had a pretty good impact.”

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