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As we age, we gain wisdom and experience. We also tend to gain a few physical problems, some of which are more painful than others. At 57, Traci can attest to this. Her pain came roughly a year ago.

“I had stiffness in my hip, which caused me to have a hard time walking. I was in a lot of pain.”

Originally thought to be arthritis, X-rays revealed nothing of the sort. It turned out Sheri was suffering from a pinched nerve.

“It was just a part of aging. I was fine before the pinched-nerve, but needed relief afterwards.”

Traci began treatments right away. She started with physical therapy and tried taking anti-inflammatory medications. However, the anti-inflammatories upset her stomach. Then she was put on a new regimen of stronger pain medicine she didn’t really want to take.

It’s a good product and I recommend it. I appreciate the RS-4i Plus.
— Traci, age 57

“They told me that, if it was arthritis, I wasn’t going to get any better. When I found out it wasn’t arthritis, I wanted it to get better.”

Now using the RS-4i Plus device, Traci is feeling much better. After about two weeks she noticed an improvement, with her pain dropping from a six to a two on a 10-point pain scale.

“It’s a good product and I recommend it. I appreciate the RS-4i Plus.”


After falling 13 feet off a trailer onto pavement, Robert was left unable to be active or even get around. Four separate car accidents in the years that followed only served to make his injuries worse.

“If I went out of the house I walked with a cane. I had a walker in the house.”

For years, Robert saw a private doctor for pain management. He was prescribed Oxycodone for daily treatment. He reached a tipping point in his treatment when his doctor suggested increasing the dose to 100 mg and wanted to begin adding other mediations. Robert refused and turned to his VA for non-pharmacological help.

My pain has gone down to a two or three where it was once a seven or eight.
— Robert, age 66

At first, the VA provided Robert with a TENS unit. While the TENS helped relieve pain, Robert continued to seek further treatment options. Two years later, in 2008, he was prescribed an RS-4i for his muscle rehabilitation needs. He found the RS-4i was just what he was looking for.

“When I got the RS-4i, it was just night and day. It gave me instant pain relief and got me moving.”

Seven years later, in 2015, he received an RS-4i Plus to replace his aging device.

“I haven’t used a cane in the last three years. My walker actually has cobwebs on it.”

Robert’s pain has gone down to a two or three on a 10-point pain scale, where it was once a seven or eight. Since using the device, he’s been more active, too, even building a deck in his yard. He reduced his use of Oxycodone to 10 mg a day.

“There’s no better feeling than being able to do what you never could. It’s the best thing since sliced bread and I think everyone with back pain should have one.”

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Some things we just can’t see coming. For Jason, it was unforeseen chronic lower back, knee and hip pain. An avid runner, Jason was going through basic training when the pain hit him and eventually forced him out of the military. Worse yet, he didn’t even know why he was in pain.

“None of the doctors know what happened or how it happened. Neither do I.”

The pain began in July of 2008 and he saw many pain specialists who prescribed a variety of treatments. He was given a Life Wrap and later a TENS unit, neither of which proved to be effective.

A few years later he was prescribed the RS-4i Plus. In it, he found just what he needed.

... on the day I use it, my level of pain is at zero.
— Jason, age 28

“I tested it out for a few sessions and it worked really well. It actually blocked my pain for a week or two. And with my high level of chronic pain, it’s normally at nine out of 10 every day. The day I use the device, my pain level drops to zero. It stays there for most of the following week, gradually increasing until I use it again.”

Jason also found that he’s able to work out and has even recommended the product to coworkers.

“Honestly it’s helped me regain control of my pain, and helped me try to pull my life together.”


A string of rare illnesses forced David to retire early from a successful post-military career with a utility company. First, he contracted viral meningitis, which left scar tissue on his brain. Just a few years later he was hit with Lyme’s disease and two separate rounds of Rocky Mountain spotted fever from tick bites.

The long-lasting impact of years of illness plagued David with chronic pain from lingering restless leg syndrome, early onset osteoarthritis, piriformis syndrome in his hip, and diabetes. He initially turned to medication for relief. He used Ropinirole to calm his restless legs and arms.

“There have been times where I’ve taken more than 150 mg of codeine in a day for pain.”

Eventually, David decided the medication was too much.

“I went looking for other treatments for pain. I kept asking my primary care doctor for options. Finally, they ordered the RS-4i Plus through the pain management department at the VA.”

The results have been positive.

On a 10-point scale, my pain was an eight. Now it’s down to a three or four.
— David, age 50

“Since I got the RS-4i Plus, I’ve used it four to five times a day and I sleep like a baby most nights. To me, that’s incredible. On a 10-point scale, my pain was an eight. Now it’s down to a three or four. It’s made that much difference.”

While David has only used the product for a few weeks, he’s happy and impressed.

“It’s been a complete turnaround for me. I’ve got a lot of muscle loss in my legs because of my inactivity and some of the medications. The muscle stimulation has helped bring back some of the muscle. The difference has been tremendous.”