Bill, Retired Army Veteran, Has His Life Back

After he left the service, Bill’s main hobby was woodworking. He had a woodshop where he’d make things for his family. Later, he got interested in woodcutting and would cut down trees, cut them to length and split them using a maul and wedge. Heavy labor wasn’t a problem.

His problems started about 20 years ago with shoulder spasms, which eventually extended to his lower back and hips. He was treated with acupuncture, massage, electrical stimulation and drugs. Nothing worked.

An MRI revealed a degenerative spinal disease that was pressing his vertebrae together, pinching nerves. He then had surgery to cut the nerves, which provided no relief. The pain was so bad he couldn’t ride in a car for more than 30 minutes without getting out to move around.

When he finally met with an RS Medical rep, Bill described his pain. He received an RS-4i Plus and wearable garments that conduct stimulation to specific locations on his body.

He found the device easy to use. He turns it on, indicates his level of pain, then selects the program he wants and starts the treatment. Bill uses the device once or twice a day to get the relief he needs.

Today, he is pain free. He doesn’t take anti-spasm medicine or pain relief drugs, including ibuprofen, Tylenol or aspirin. More than that, his mobility has returned. He’s now able to play golf and enjoy normal activities that were impossible before. Bill has his life back.

For the full story of Bill’s battle with pain told in his own words, view his video below.

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