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Getting the Longest Life from Your Electrode Pads

A key element to enjoying the benefits of pain relief and/or muscle rehab from an RS-4i Plus or other transcutaneous electrotherapy (TENS) device is having a supply of quality electrodes to use with it. Making sure to hold electrode pads lightly at the edge when applying them and keeping them on the storage liners between treatments are just two ways to get the most life out of your electrodes. Read on to learn more.

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The Connection Between Pain & PTSD

While the notion of PTSD has been with us for generations, it’s gained prominence as a national health concern over the past two decades. Symptoms can vary widely, and often include anxiety, depression and agitation. Studies also show that pain is commonly reported in people suffering from PTSD. The good news, though, is that there can be real, life-changing benefits to combating chronic pain. Learn this and more lifestyle tips for coping.

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