Gary, Retired Veteran, Gets His Active Lifestyle Back


Gary has suffered from severe back spasms since being hit in the back with a chunk of concrete during a rocket attack in Vietnam. A post-military career as a jet engine mechanic, a courtroom security guard and 30 years as a truck driver all aggravated his injury further.

“I was waking up with severe back spasms. I couldn’t even get out of bed it hurt so bad. It’s like a charley horse in your leg – it feels like it’s ripping the muscle apart.”

For years, Gary didn’t have much in the way of relief.

A Return to Some of His Hobbies

“Finally I went to the VA, and they said it’s going to be three or four weeks before we can get you in here. But come in, and we’ll see what the nurse can do,” says Gary. “That’s when they put the RS-4i Plus on my back, and it started relieving the pain.”

After using the device, Gary’s back spasms began to diminish. He had exactly what he needed to rebuild a more active lifestyle. A self-described crafts person, he soon found he could return to some of his hobbies.

“I used to build custom show cars and street rods. I had to give that up because, if I get under a car, I can’t get back up. I’ve given most of that up, bit I still try to do a little welding.”

“The RS-4i Plus Makes My Spasms Go Away”

He credits the RS-4i Plus with allowing him to weld small sculptures, turning screwdrivers and wrenches into flowers. He’s also able to do a bit of yard work – something he couldn’t do with his back spasms.

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I got those spasms back. The RS-4i Plus makes them go away, and I definitely don’t want them back.”

Gary is happy to have the RS-4i Plus and thankful to be able to move about.

“All the help I can get is greatly appreciated.”

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