Kate Relieves Her Sciatic Nerve Pain


Independence is a valued trait, and one we often take for granted.

Kate found out about that when her active lifestyle came to a halt. Constant pain from the middle of her back down her left leg to her toes took a serious toll on her health and ability to enjoy life.

Every Day Was Difficult Before the RS-4i Plus

“I wasn’t able to do my garden work, and I had trouble walking. Riding a lawnmower tore me apart. I’d suffer for days,” she says.

In the midst of her pain, even the simplest tasks became burdensome for Kate.

“It was hard to get up and cook a meal. I had to cook a little bit and sit down, cook a little bit and sit down. Driving tore me apart, too. I could only drive about 20 miles before I was in pain.”

Medications Just Made Her Feel Worse

Upon seeing a doctor, she was diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain. The pain started two years following her back surgery in which two steel rods, two cages and two new discs were installed.

She was initially prescribed three months of physical therapy and different types of medication. But physical therapy didn’t relieve the pain, and the medications made her feel worse.

Treatment was also limited as the pain was originating in a joint area that ran a higher risk of paralysis, if treated by injection or other invasive procedures.

“Now I Have Better Quality of Life”

Kate got her independence back after she added the RS-4i Plus to her treatments. She was even able to go on long trips again.

“I can drive now,” she says. “I made a trip to Tennessee, which I couldn’t have done before.”

She takes one pill twice daily to help with the pain, in addition to using the RS-4i Plus. She can do many of the other things she couldn’t do before using the device.

“Now I have better quality of life. I can get out and do more and enjoy it.”

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