Kelly Regains Flexibility with the RS-4i Plus®


As a carpenter, Kelly worked hard and it took a toll on her joints and bones. She altered her career to become an audio/visual operator and repair technician in the military. She had typical back and neck aches and pain, including joint pain, which eventually led to arthritis and an end to her time in the military.

Cancer Treatment Compounded Her Neck Issues

“After I transitioned out of the military, I was diagnosed with stage four thyroid cancer,” says Kelly. “The subsequent operation and radiation treatment essentially cooked the tissues around my neck and upper chest – so the tissue is no longer flexible. It feels almost like plastic.”

She could no longer turn her neck or tilt her head up and would often get a sense of vertigo if she did. She began looking for treatment options. Following a stint with physical therapy, she was prescribed the RS-4i Plus. She immediately experienced relief.

“It’s over and above any other relief I got. It’s been wonderful,” she says. “My ability to turn my neck, my ability to release my shoulder . . . it’s improving dramatically.”

The RS-4i Plus Has Given Her New Hope

“I thought the tissues were damaged beyond repair, but apparently that’s not so,” says Kelly. “There’s a lot of hope to be had with this muscle stimulator.”

Thanks to her improvements, Kelly has been able to pursue a degree in yoga training. Most days can be physically demanding, and the RS-4i Plus continues to help.

“It’s kind of like getting a massage from inside the muscle outward. It just pushes the tightness and toxicity out, and refreshes and rejuvenates the muscles,” she says. “I wish I had this years ago. It would have saved me a lot of headaches, literally.”

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