Getting the Longest Life from Your Electrode Pads


A key part to enjoying the benefits of pain relief and/or muscle rehab from an RS-4i Plus or other transcutaneous electrotherapy (TENS) device is having a supply of quality electrodes to use with it. Learn about the key differences in RS Medical’s electrode pads and – most importantly – how to get the longest life out of them.

Our Electrodes: Durable & American Made

A few facts about RS Medical electrode pads that make them superior to other pads in the industry:

  • Special multi-layer adhesive hydrogel stays sticky, even after multiple uses

  • Unique gel formula is safe even for sensitive skin – no stinging, no irritation

  • Design ensures comfort – eliminating any biting edges or hot spots

  • Technology optimized to evenly distribute current across the skin

  • Manufactured right here in the USA

  • 100% latex free

Caring for Your Electrode Pads

Electrodes are disposable, so they usually need to be replaced about every 30 days. Poor quality electrodes won’t last as long. Here are some tips for getting the most use from your pads:

During Treatments:

  • Hold electrode pads lightly at the edge when applying or removing.

  • Avoid pulling on the electrode wire tail, which might separate it from the pad.

  • Make sure the skin in the treatment area is clean, dry and free from skin products before adhering electrodes. Lotions, oils and powders may reduce the stickiness and conductive properties of your pads.

  • Do not apply heat or ice directly on top of the electrodes during use, as this can damage them. Submerging them in water will damage them as well.

  • Remove excess body hair from the treatment area. Many people trim body hair with clippers or shave the treatment area to improve electrode pad contact with skin.

Between Treatments:

  • Keep electrode pads on the storage liners between treatments to prevent them from drying out. Use wax paper if the storage liners are misplaced.

  • Never use soap or alcohol to clean the electrodes, or scrub with abrasive material – as this will damage the adhesive gel.

  • If the pad picks up a small amount of debris during use, use a drop of water on your fingertip to gently rub the debris off the pad.

  • If the gel feels dry, rub a few drops of water over the gel surface and wait 10 minutes (until the gel becomes tacky) before using.

  • Do not store your electrodes in the refrigerator or freezer. Do not expose them to extreme heat either.

As the electrode pads age, you may notice that you need to increase the intensity higher than normal or that the electrodes begin to curl up around the edges. These are signs that it’s time to replace your electrodes. Visit the RS Medical Shop to order a new supply. Veterans, contact your healthcare provider at your local VA Medical Center to order more.

For questions about where to place electrode pads, ask your healthcare provider. A quick reference guide of common pad placements is also a helpful tool.

For additional questions about an RS-4i Plus device or any of its accessories, contact our Customer Service department. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 5:00pm PT. Please call 800-935-7763 or email Please have your serial number available when you call.

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